• Shortest implementation times

    All our delivered HIREC® plants will be completely pre-assembled at manufacturers site. Afterwards an extensive functional check will be carried out allowing to deliver our systems free from malfunctions. Subsequently the HIREC® system will be disassembled in very few transportable components that can be reassembled at customer sites within shortest time. As a result our customers are able to implement the HIREC® equipment within two to three weeks only.  

  • Guaranteed recycling rates

    We offer two different types of systems depending on the waste characteristics that have to be achieved. Customers who are able to dispose their residues in a liquid way can chose the HIREC® technology with recycling rates of up to 97%. In countries with strict waste regulations and no reasonable options to dispose liquid residues, the enhanced technology, called HIREC® advanced, can be used. Due to the deliberate design of our systems recycling rates even up to 98.7% can be achieved. In any way we guarantee our customers batch recovery rates of 97%.

  • Guaranteed membrane life spans

    When operating the HIREC® system according to the recommendations stated in the operating manual, membrane life spans of several years can be achieved. Some of our customers using the HIREC® technology are operating their systems more than 10 years without any replacement of the membranes. These facts are giving us the confidence to guarantee membrane life spans of at least 4 years.

  • Guaranteed hourly performance rates

    The performance rates of HIREC® systems will be designed depending on the number of intaglio printing presses in conjunction with their hourly wiping solution consumption. By missing these performance rates intaglio machines could be run out of wiping solution resulting in costs due to loss of production. To prevent printing machine downtimes, we guarantee our customers hourly performance rates according to the acquired system.


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